A group of women protest the detention and imprisonment of political prisoners in Iran

A group of women gathered in front of Tehran’s Criminal Court to seek justice for their loved ones who have been detained, executed or disappeared as a result of their political activities.
Simin EyvazZadeh (mother of Omid AliShenas), Hashem Zeinali (Father of Saeed Zeinali), Reza Malek, Ehsan Kheibar, Adel Orooji, Mohsen Haseli, Mohsen Shoja, Khadijeh (Leila) Mirghaffari, Azam Najafi, Parvin Soleimani, Shermin Yamani and Sarah Saee were arrested during a protest on November 21 2015 in front of Evin prison for protesting the situation of political prisoners. The court proceedings took place behind closed doors and the protestors were charged with “disturbing public order” in Tehran’s Criminal Court branch number 1060.
On February 8, 2016 Mansoureh Behkish (sister of five political prisoners executed in the 80s), Shahin Mahinfar (mother of the AmirArshad Tajmir, who was killed in a post-election protests in 2009,) Shahnaz Karim Beigy (mother Mostafa Karim Beigy, another protestor killed in a post-election protest of 2009), Akram Neghabi (mother of Saeed ZeinAli) and Sholeh Pakravan (Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother) were among the women who attended the demonstration in front of the Tehran Criminal Court to protest the prosecution of the families of the political prisoners and civil rights activists.
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